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Was schwimmt denn da?

Was schwimmt denn da?

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Hot of the press: "What is swimming there?" is available from 22nd June 2015. A book without words, following a submarine going from a pond, to a river, to Africa, to the deep sea, ending up in the Antarctic.

What is Swimming There 1

A dog is swimming after the teddy, which had fallen into the water, a message in a bottle floating along, the frog prince who has lost his crown, a penguin on holiday, a football, a pair of glasses and many more characters are to be found on every double page.

What is Swimming There 2

I really enjoyed telling these little stories, from page to page, without any words. It is for children from the age of 2, so they can develop their language skills and point and talk through the pictures. The challenge was to do a book about fish and water and avoid it becoming too blue. So not only do the pictures follow the water from pond to river to ocean, they loosely follow the seasons  as well, from spring and reproduction in the pond, over summer in Africa and the coral fish, to winter, with snowmen in the Antarctic.

What is Swimming There 3

These books are very popular in Germany, they are called "Wimmel" books, which means that they are full of details on every page, and do not have any text; like "where is Wally?" without Wally. 

 What is Swimming There 4

With a bit of luck it will be well received, as I would love to do some more, birds flying, worms crawling...

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